Platforms & Partners

At Ingenious ERP we do clever things with ERP software. Our speciality is with Microsoft NAV systems and they are one of our key Partners.

We have been working with ERP systems since the 1980s and as a company since 2003 and we have developed a considerable expertise.

We are active in both New Zealand and in Australia - with clients in major centres in both countries.
In this section we include some details on the main software platforms we use for our ERP solutions.

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LS One is now available from IngeniousERP.

Its light, quick-to-learn and easy-to-customise retail POS software. Designed especially for startups and SME's its a huge amount of functionality at very reasonable price.

Ingenious ERP delivers innovative solutions that transform business outcomes. We use software from the world's leading software vendors based around Microsoft NAV to provide stable and reliable solutions that we configure to deliver real business value. Put simply we do clever - ingenious - things with ERP. Click on the button to get in touch.

Our Partners