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Dynamics 365 - what is it?

Microsoft has been spending time and effort on repackaging its ERP product line - including NAV. Later, next year - in 2018 - NAV will be marketed under the Dynamics 365 brand umbrella. See the likely new Dynamics365 logo opposite.

History of Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365, was originally released in November of 2016. It featured Financials, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Operations, Project Service Automation and Marketing. The Financials part of Dynamics 365 - called 'Dynamics 365 Financials' - was partly based on Dynamics NAV. It was also cloud only (SAAS - Software As A Service) and hosted using Microsoft Azure.

NAV 2018 and Dynamics 395

In 2018 the NAV suite and the forthcoming NAV 2018, will increasingly be fully incorporated within a revamped Dynamics 365 and marketed as such.
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Initially, NAV 2018 will be released as an on-premises version on 1 December 2017. However later in 2018 - a further release (called R2) is expected to be made available. This we understand will become the new Dynamics 365 platform with NAV included within. As well as the name change, from this point on the code base and full functionality will be the same across both the cloud (SaaS) version of NAV and the on-premises version.

Also importantly in this forthcoming version of Dynamics 365, we will be able to customise your NAV system just as we can do for you now. You should be aware that the Nav components within the current version of Dynamics 365, are not the same as your typical NAV system. It is only once these changes have been made that the facilities, and indeed the product set, will be harmonised between Nav 2018 and Dynamics 365. At this point we understand that the products will be thereafter known as Dynamics 365

What does this mean for our NAV clients

It's business as usual for now. However we do grant that it may be a bit confusing during this transition. So, please do engage with your Consultant if you have any queries.

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