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Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central - what is it?

This June (2018) Microsoft is launching a major update to NAV and the Microsoft Dynamics family.

In a nutshell, Microsoft is bringing NAV closer into the Dynamics 365 family of Microsoft products. Whilst the actual 'NAV' product set remains essentially the same - with some new features of course. These changes do provide more integration options with the other Dynamics products. The rest is really marketing positioning and branding (e.g. see the new Business Central logo opposite).
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The new 'Business Central' Logo

This page seeks to outline the main changes - this June (2018). If you are already a client we will be speaking to you about the effects of these changes. In most cases it won't change much. But you will now start seeing 'Business Central' replacing NAV as the product name.

We have included a handy video which may also help with its positioning.
A current NAV client?
This section provides a brief synopsis of some of the changes coming with Business Central. If you are a client of ours, we will be engaging with you to ensure you are well aware of any changes on how you might be expected to use the product and any custom solutions we have provided for you.

Changes in June 2018

Business Central is the full-stack ERP NAV that we all know and love. It's not the cut-down Dynamics 365 for Finance, Business Edition that was previously made available and that we reported on earlier last year.

Business Central is very much NAV in the Microsoft Cloud. It's going to be heavily marketed as a SaaS (Software as a Service) product. However, Microsoft is also committed to keeping the perpetual and on-premise versions of NAV going. These are most firmly not being withdrawn.

Like other software vendors, Microsoft is wisely making its products much better suited to SaaS delivery. The NAV code base is what is used for the NAV elements within Business Central. So there is no major code change to worry about.

Regarding code: we do a lot of customisation work for our clients with NAV. The platform has allowed us to do some really clever (ingenious even) things with it. Customisations are, of course, still available on Business Central. However, it does mean some changes are required to fit in with the Business Central SaaS model. You can thus expect that we will be moving our development approach from: core-code to extensions, where clients wish to go the SaaS route.

Clients with current on-premise or perpetual solutions that have customisations, will very likely need some rework to enable them to move to Business Central SaaS deployments if they choose to go that route. We can work with you so you understand what might be required if e.g. you want to move from perpetual licensing to SaaS. But equally you can also stay very much as you are.

On Premise NAV

An On-Premise version of Business Central is planned for release later in the year. We believe it will offer the ability to do traditional enhancements. It's basically NAV as you may have now.

The ‘On-Premise’ branding seems a little misleading. As you can at the moment, you will still have the ability to have it hosted on Azure. But, it will not be a true SaaS (Software as a Service) deployment.

In practical terms, this means software upgrades will not automatically apply as they do with the SaaS version. These updates will still need to be applied - as they do now - by us or another Partner. You will also need an active software maintenance plan to use your license in a hosted environment such as Azure. Again this is largely as you do now.

New Features

Licenses for Business Central come in three types:
  • Team Member,
  • Essential, and
  • Premium.
Which license you choose will dictate which features you have access to. Premium licenses include more capabilities than the Essential. Team Licenses provide a very cut-down access and will only suit certain limited use cases.

Some of the basic features that you’ll get to enjoy no matter which license you choose:

New user interface
In an effort to unify the look and feel of all Dynamics 365 products, Business Central features a modern, intuitive, and — if you’ve used any other Microsoft products recently — familiar interface. The UI is customisable, with role-specific views, personalised feeds, and smart notifications all making an appearance.

The app is fully equipped to give users access to its rich functionality across Windows, iOS and Android desktops, phones, and tablets.

Integration with other Microsoft services
As it’s based in the cloud, Business Central works seamlessly with not only other Dynamics 365 apps, but Office 365, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI. The new app will also feature further extended integration with Outlook. This will allow users to utilise Business Central’s features like quote-to-cash from within their inbox, including the ability to generate quotes based on the content of an email, and submit invoices.

AI and Intelligence
Business Central will benefit from Microsoft’s huge investments in AI and machine learning. These can be applied to give: more accurate forecasts, better next-step recommendations, and more profound, valuable analytical insights.

Simple customisation and extension options
Business Central’s in-client visual designer helps users customise their solution to better meet their unique business needs. PowerApps and Microsoft Flow are also available to enable the creation of custom business apps and workflows using the Common Data Service for Apps.

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Screenshot from the demo

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