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Steel Distribution & Fabrication

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides an ideal platform for managing your steel distribution and fabrication business.

In our experience Steel Distribution and Fabrication businesses continue to face strong headwinds in growing revenue and maintaining healthy margins due to global competition, material price volatility, and increasing customer demands.

To gain a competitive advantage, our clients are investing in new and innovative technologies integrating the factory floor to the front office. Ingenious ERP has the software solutions that can help fabricators streamline their operations and experience growth in spite of these challenges.

Eliminate redundant processes and increase your efficiency. Not just in the back office but right though your whole business from plant floor operations to dispatch to customer service.

Understand what is really going on in your business. Where profit and value lies in your operations and how you can best bring these to your customers and streamline your operations. Get insight and visibility between plant and office operations both locally and globally.

Deliver your goods and meet compliance and traceability requirements from raw material to finished product.

Reduce or eliminate reactive equipment maintenance and downtime with automatic real-time production monitoring.

Improve customer satisfaction and maintain preferred supplier status.

Fabricated Metals - an example
Metals Fabricators face increasing pressure to find new efficiencies. Price sensitivity, volatile raw materials cost, shorter product lifecycles, and adoption of quality and value added services continue to erode what for many are already thin margins.

In response, many are expanding their traditional business and looking for new opportunities. Some in new and unknown markets with others focussing on business performance. Initiatives like 'Lean' have been driving many manufacturers to re-engineer business processes from the plant floor to the top floor to the extended supply chain.

We have developed a considerable expertise in the needs of Fabricators. We see those that take a holistic approach and have been open to new technology for managing their businesses are enjoying business-wide costs savings, reduction in raw material and work in process, improved throughput, better utilisation of existing resources, and improved customer satisfaction.
LS Retail
If you have a business that does Steel or other metals Distribution and/or fabrication and feel your systems are simply a business cost and are not really delivering market leading business benefit. Talk to us.

If you want to delight your clients and your staff with systems that extend your services and facilitates delivery of KPI's and a great client experience. Talk to us.

If you want to Innovate, Disrupt your market, be different and drive real Synergy within your business. Talk to us, we like doing really clever things (ingenious even) with ERP to transform businesses.

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