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The Retail sector has always been very competitive. However the challenges many retail businesses face is perhaps unprecedented.

Many retailers still use fragmented software applications to manage their core business functions. From what we have seen this almost always results in lower levels of effectiveness and efficiency. However, many IT and Finance officers in the retail sector prefer to just make do rather than move their businesses forward replace what are now outdated iIT systems handling the management of their retail operations.


Outdated architecture – many retail operations have an outdated architecture that is inflexible and rigid. This inflexibility and rigidity pose a challenge to the business efficiency. Today’s business environment demands real time adaptability from your software systems right across the business. Is your software backed by global IT player and can it evidence being readily adapted to meet your needs. Ours can.

Limited scope – many systems still used were originally designed to take care of specific problems tasks and as a result, lack an enterprise wide approach to the problem solving process. With today's contemporary business environment more highly competitive in nature, modern businesses require a more holistic, enterprise approach to retail management. Most current systems fall short of such a requirement. Ours doesn't.

High maintenance costs – many systems we still see in operation are costly to maintain. Often they require specialist knowledge resulting in otherwise higher costs and more business risk. Moreover, the maintenance cost of these legacy systems keeps on increasing with the passage of time. The older an information system is, the higher are its associated maintenance costs to be borne by the retail business. Ours has a track record of being kept up to date and can be readily used.

Integration and scalability problems – most retail businesses have had a piecemeal approach to systems. As such this often limits scope for the addition and integration of new applications. Many systems struggle with scaling up or integrating with similar systems used by associates or suppliers. From what we have seen, such integration and scalability problems tend to multiply as the size and scope of retail operations increases. Ours can scale as you need it to and we at Ingenious ERP have a very good track record at integrations.

Increased risk to the business – A combination of old and new information systems makes the collective whole susceptible to failure or crash. Its the heterogeneity in the overall mix that is the primary cause of risk. We think the evidence is clear, the solution lies in a close knit, homogeneous information system that can integrate seamlessly with other such systems in real time while imparting the much-needed stability to the whole system. Ours provides a cost effective platform that can cover almost all your business processes.
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If you have a retail business and feel your ERP is simply a business cost and is not really delivering market leading business benefit. Talk to us.

If you want to delight your shoppers and your staff with systems that extend your services and facilitate service delivery and a great client experience. Talk to us.

If you want to Innovate, Disrupt your market, be different and drive real Synergy within your business. Talk to us, we like doing really clever things (ingenious even) with ERP to transform businesses.

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