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Industry Solutions

At Ingenious ERP we have gained a considerable body of knowledge in how to best use ERP solutions and Microsoft NAV within particular industry sectors.

Many of our clients have stayed with us and seen their systems evolve as both technology and their business needs changed. We are showcasing 4 sectors where we have really pushed ERP boundaries:
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Steel Distribution & Fabrication
  • Manufacturing & Processing
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
We do like to bring that clever - ingenious - touch to our deployments. If your business is in one of these sectors and your current ERP is not really delivering, or providing a competitive edge, then do contact us. If you are in another sector you may well find that many of the solutions we have developed have wide application and could well give you that competitive advantage.

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Some Industry Sectors

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Steel Distribution & Fabrication
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Stacks Image p593143_n37
Manufacturing & Processing
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Stacks Image p593143_n67
Logistics & Supply Chain

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