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Established in 1983, Yashili is one of China's top producers of infant milk formula. Here in New Zealand Yashili built a $220 million state-of-the art production facility at Pokeno. The plant has globally best-in-class facilities, utilising the latest technology and the finest automatic control systems producing some 52,000 tonnes of premium quality infant formula product

A fairly recent client for us. We were approached by their Finance department in July 2015 to help them out. They had NAV already but were having issues with making it work fully for them.

We realised early on that what was really needed was to spend some time with them and really understand what they wanted. This we did at no charge.

We spent some time workshopping their NAV installation with their team. From this we were able to amend their configuration to include some special features that would give them what was required.

Following this we have worked with them more frequently and have been asked to recommend systems for Business Intelligence and reporting as well as providing training and adhoc expertise as required.

For us they are an example of a client who has had experience of other NAV providers. But by spending some time and effort we have built a solid relationship and trust.
LS Retail
"Thanks for making us most welcome. My team found the training sessions very useful and easy to understand"

Eong Yeng The
Finance Manager

Some Clients

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