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Tank Juice

Tank is a New Zealand owned and family run business since 1998. The business has over 70 stores across the country from Whangarei to Dunedin. Each Store has one or more POS units. These feed information back to head office as well as providing some local order management. IngeniousERP's proposal for Microsoft NAV with LS Retail was accepted in July 2017 and the system has progressively been rolled out since then.

Tank Group’s Finance Director, Sam Holdem, had identified several problems the business was facing with respect to its information management. Chief amongst these was overall processing efficiency in terms of workload which was quite onerous when multiplied across over 70 stores. At Head Office level, it required a full time staff member just to pull in information from multiple places. The accounting system and POS at the stores had struggled together to provide a timely and robust integration. A further issue was that the business wanted greater control and information around its materials and stock, both across the business and at each individual store.

Historically Tank had bought systems to address individual needs, but Sam realised that an integrated ERP system was the only likely means of being able to address these issues and gain further business efficiencies. Tank had tried lots of POS providers in the past and looked at different accounting options. The major issue they all had was in managing Stock and providing an integrated view of information from Head Office to store. Sam: "I realised that we had to change how we approached systems. It was the combination of NAV and LS that was really the key. It gave us what we needed."


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The benefits that Tank says it has experienced are:
  • Much greater visibility of information from POS and Branches - both there and at head office
  • Much greater visibility around all stock and materials within the business
  • Greater Information processing efficiency and time saving.
  • Better visibility around loss prevention
  • The business is now much more scalable from a systems capability perspective. Tank can add new stores much more easily and with less impact on central financial management than was previously the case.
Sam: " We used to wait a long time for accurate data in order to make decisions, now we can get it real-time and we have a very accurate and timely picture of what is happening in the business". – “Overall the programme went well and I am very happy with how things have gone and with IngeniousERP’s support."
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