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Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics is a small company, specialising in adding value as an RMA returns and exchange centre for national and international clients.

In late 2017, Kerry Cameron their MD had been operating the business for three years and was looking forward to growth, He had a great team, but an older software operating system that was expensive to maintain and lacked the versatility required in the modern business environment. It became more and more obvious to him that they needed to review their software options to facilitate growth.

Kerry set out with a checklist of what he needed from a new system. Then he started the daunting task of finding that ideal software solution and vendor.

Kerry: " After an extensive search one system stood out as the best fit for our situation and that was Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It would allow us to tap into the extensive investment Microsoft had made in this space at a very competitive price."

The next task was to find a NAV provider that shared the same values and was a good fit with our company. After contacting three NAV providers in NZ, Kerry decided on Ingenious ERP.


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Tim Davies and Gerhard Furter of Ingenious ERP meet Kerry and his team onsite. As Kerry confirms: " they quickly got a feel for our business and started the process of developing a tailor-made software solution for us. As we progressed, I gained confidence in both Tim’s experience and Gerhard's ability to communicate with staff to get the best out of the Nav system for our business."

Six months on and the type of system Reverse Logistics has now, is an all-in-one solution from Warehousing to Financials. Kerry: 'It easily integrates with our client’s software and offers full track-ability of clients returns and allows us to easily assist a client’s customers with enquires and updates."
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Kerry Cameron - Reverse Logistics MD with Gerhard Furter of Ingenious ERP
Kerry: "The whole Ingenious ERP team have delivered a great product and I have found Gerhard especially great to work with. Strangely, I find myself looking forward to meeting with Gerhard to discuss IT and what improvements NAV can deliver for us…

We now look forward to growth in our business knowing that our Nav Microsoft system can grow with us and the team at Ingenious ERP will be able to accommodate our needs and allow us to deliver great value to our current and future clients and their customers."

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