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Horan Steel

Our relationship started all the way back in 1985. Back in our days as Procom we were producing process accounting software for Stewart Steel in New Zealand. In those days it was on a Wang system. Then 1992 Peter Wells left Stewart Steel to setup his own Steel fabrication company - Vulcan Steel. Peter liked what Procom had done but saw thing could be taken to the next level. He and Tim spent 6 months developing a new system for Vulcan.

The new system was designed using KCML on a Unix server and it scaled with Vulcan as they expanded right across New Zealand. In 1994 Peter bought a Profile Cutting business and we provided the system for that along with one for another acquisition in Plate Coil Cutting.

With Horan Steel becoming an acquisition in 2002 in a 50:50 partnership with Apex Steel. We took the Vulcan implementation and developed it for Horan and it eventually became the focus of our systems. We migrated Horan from KCML over to Microsoft NAV in 2013. We also developed further advanced Business Intelligence and reporting facilities.

Ross Nuske is the CEO of Horan Steel. He characterises the system as being a tremendous enabler for the business. Its the sheer strength of the reporting and business intelligence that he believes differentiates their NAV implementation, "Every Account manager gets daily sales reports they can check online and see exactly what is happening with pricing and margins".

When reviewing their experience with IngeniousERP Ross says "One of the things I really like is when I phone them, they always give me answers."

"Our Account Managers used to be driven by tonnage and revenue, now we can drive them by profit and margin"

Ross Nuske - CEO Horan Steel
LS Retail

Key Benefits

  • A key feature we developed was integrating the ERP with their SigmaNEST systems. Put simply, SigmaNEST is the leading CAD/CAM nesting system for plasma, laser, punch, oxyfuel, waterjet, router, knife, tube/pipe and combination cutting machines. This advanced integration provided full end to end control and management of Cutting and Inventory - at all stages.
  • The advanced Business intelligence integration with NAV we developed has provided much greater control of inventory and led to efficiencies and savings right across the business.
  • An important benefit from the system was the ability to reduce wastage and increase efficiency of distribution and freight.

Some Clients

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