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Dollop Kitchens

The Dollup Kitchen are food producers of high quality desert products. All handmade, here in New Zealand using the best real ingredients. The company has won a variety of awards and supplies both the major supermarket chains and other high quality food outlets.

Christie McCarthy, one of the two founders and Directors, realised early in 2016 that the company needed to improve its systems. The company had been using Xero along with plugin software to manage accounts and inventory. However, this had not met expectations and was proving both cumbersome and it “over-promised and under-delivered”.

What Dollop were looking for, was a system that could be configured to their requirements and where they could bring control back in-house. Inventory management is key for Dollop’s business and getting live; stock in-hand figures, ordering and full visibility was what was crucial.

Dollop looked at several systems including MYOB and Unleashed. But after engaging with their distributor, Dollop decided to investigate Microsoft Nav. After approaching several Microsoft NAV partners within New Zealand, Dollop selected Ingenious ERP for supply, implementation and support. Christie advised that: “making the decision was hard, as we did not really know how things might go. However, we found the implementation went well and we were well looked after by Tim and the team … It has been a real positive for the business and I am glad we took the plunge.”


Dollop Kitchens
Sane Walker who led the implementation for Dollop also commented: “Nav is an amazing system. We can now use one platform across the business and we have lots of reports. Ingenious ERP were very responsive and provided us with a user account so we could make sure it was right for us… Everyone at Ingenious ERP has been most helpful and I am currently a very happy customer…”

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