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Our History

The Early Days - Procom

Our history first began in 1985 when Tim Davies our founder joined Procom as a Software Engineer. A Wang partner - Procom became a well established New Business with offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The company specialised in developing database and workflow solutions and evolved in the 80s and early 90s from Wang to Unix and then onto Windows Server systems.

Tim bought a controlling interest in Procom in 2003 and the company developed early ERP solutions based on the KCML platform by Kerridge Commerical Systems. Migrating clients over as technology advanced was a priority for the business. Clients like Vulcan Steel, Stewart Steel and Wire Plus all had their systems successfully migrated over. It was during this period that the company really began to specialise in customising and configuring systems to meet very specific client requirements and business objectives.

Moving to Microsoft NAV

In 2009 Tim was conscious that the company needed to move on from KCML to a more broadly supported and better known ERP platform. After considerable research the decision was to move to Microsoft NAV (formerly known as Navision) as the core ERP platform that underpinned solutions. Ingenius went on to become an accredited Microsoft NAV Partner in 2010.

A crucial part of going with NAV was the ability to develop modules that could integrate it with other products and to provide the very customised experience that the company's clients had come to expect.

The company was also able to take clients on the old - now legacy systems - to the new NAV platform. In June 2018 Microsoft rebranded NAV and brought it more firmly into the Dynamics 365 family. It's now called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Many of the clients that were gained in the early days - are still with the business. Some have had their systems evolve from the late 1980s and are still clients.


Tim incorporated Ingenius in 2012. It is now the trading company and Procom was discontinued in 2015. Ingenius is an accredited Microsoft NAV partner with specific expertise in integration and NAV customisation.

The company has developed a distinctive and largely unmatched expertise in NAV solutions. This includes being contracted to further develop NAV systems that other NAV partners have not had the expertise to manage.

With an increasing focus on Retail and hospitality, the company entered in to negotiation with and became Australasia's first partner for LS Retail. A supplier of Retail and Hospitality add-on modules form NAV, LS Retail extended capabilities into these fast growing sectors. Further partnerships with document management and Business Intelligence tool suppliers has rounded out the company's technology toolkit.

In 2016 we started marketing under the "Ingenious ERP" brand. The company takes pride in delivering innovative solutions that transform business outcomes. It uses software from the world's leading software vendors such as Microsoft and LS Retail to provide stable and reliable solutions that it configures to deliver real business value.

We really does do clever - Ingenious - things with ERP.
Ingenious ERP delivers innovative solutions that transform business outcomes using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Put simply we do clever - ingenious - things with ERP.
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Our Partners

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