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May 2018

NAV becomes Business Central
Ok, to be fair we were aware of this in April. However details have been slow to come out and we did not want to overshadow our achievements with LS which we featured in April (See below).

In a nutshell, Microsoft is bringing NAV closer into the Dynamics 365 family of Microsoft products. Whilst the actual 'NAV' product set remains essentially the same - with some new features of course. The changes do provide more integration options with other Dynamics products. The rest is really marketing positioning and branding (e.g. see the new logo opposite).

Click this link for more details on Business Central (NAV).
Dynamics 365 Business Central

Apr 2018

Promotion to Gold Partner

IngeniousERP has been awarded LS Nav Gold Partner for 2018. LS Retail Gold Partners are required to have reached a significant level within the partner network through their great performance in sales, service and support to customers using LS Retail solutions. They must consistently provide outstanding service and support to customers, and satisfy demanding criteria in their performance and commitment as LS Retail partners.

About LS Retail
LS Retail is a world-leading provider of all-in-one business management software solutions for retail and hospitality companies of all sizes.

For over two decades, LS Retail has been developing market leading software solutions that are currently used by retailers and restaurateurs across 130 countries, with support that exceeds 310 certified Microsoft and LS Retail partners in over 80 countries.
LS Nav Gold
Through its vast knowledge and experience in the retail and food-service industry, LS Retail can offer scalable solutions to manage the complex operational requirements of organisations within such diverse areas as: fashion, electronics, furniture, duty free, restaurants, coffee shops, forecourt, c-stores and many more.

Dec 2017

Dynamics 365

Microsoft is repackaging NAV (again). In 2018 it will be marketed as part of Dynamics 365. We are featuring information specifically on Dynamics 365 as it becomes available - see the menu or click the button opposite.

NAV 2018 and Dynamics 395
We like to keep our clients up to date with product developments in NAV. NAV is typically updated each year and the next version will be the forthcoming NAV 2018. Due to be released as an on-premises version on 1 December 2017 it will be followed in 2018 with a further release (called R2) . However you can expect to see it increasingly be marketed under the Dynamics 365 branding. See the expected new logo opposite.

Aug 2017

New Nav Partner Addon - Continia

We are now partners for the Continia Document Capture add-on for Nav.

Continia provides a fully comprehensive and robust solution for scanning of invoices and other documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

If this facility sounds like it would add value to your implementation do please contact your consultant.
LS Retail

Apr 2017

New Office

We moved from our Queen Street office just before Christmas. The building was being sold and is currently being converted to yet another Auckland hotel. We had an interim move to Takapuna before we were able to move into our new office at Suite 12C John Glen Avenue, Albany, Auckland.

Whilst it was nice working right in the centre of Auckland’s CBD - and in our temporary facility in Takapuna. It was not the most convenient location for most of our office regulars and the new office will substantially reduce commute times. We are also providing better support for remote working and in supporting team members working onsite at client premises.
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Sep 2016

New Website and rebranding.

As the business has grown we took the time early in 2016 to look at how we presented ourselves to our markets. 'Ingenious ERP' is now the branding and name we are using in our markets. It summarises better what we are about - doing clever things (ingenious even) with solutions to transform businesses. These solutions are very much focussed round ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) so it made sense to combine the two especially as we were able to secure suitable .com and .co.nz country domains
LS Retail

Aug 2016

LS One is now available from IngeniousERP.

Its light, quick-to-learn and easy-to-customise retail POS software. Designed especially for startups and SME's its a huge amount of functionality at very reasonable price.

LS Retail

SigmaNEST NAV interface

SigmaNEST nesting software is the world's leading nesting solution for all fabrication machines.

We've been doing some exciting work integrating SigmaNEST with Dynamics NAV for our clients in the plate cutting sector. By liberating real-time SigmaNEST data we are able to add even better value to users of our plate cutting quoting and sales module for Dynamics NAV.

Get in contact if you'd like to know more!
  • Create production orders in NAV directly from SigmaNEST workspace files (WS), or nests.
  • Allocate SigmaNEST parts from production to plate cutting sales lines in NAV. This allows accurate tracking of costs in NAV at line level - including material usage, wastage and machine time.
  • Track inventory usage in NAV, including by HEAT number, back to the source plates and through to delivery documents and invoices.
  • We also now have real-time inventory data from SigmaNEST, including prime and remnant pieces.

Get in contact if you'd like to know more!

Real-time GPS fleet tracking for better customer service in Dynamics NAV

Transport logistics is an area where Microsoft Dynamics NAV 'could have done better'!

We've been doing some ingenious work developing real-time GPS fleet tracking for users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. To provide the best customer service, our clients asked us to develop a system that would enable their service centre personnel to know where any sales order delivery is, and how far away it is from its intended destination. When their own clients ring, they can now give accurate delivery time information for any sales order, at any time.

To do this, trucks, delivery vehicles (and even willing staff members) send their GPS co-ordinates to a central database that is linked directly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This is done with industry standard GPS devices in the vehicles, or applications that run on their own phones or tablets.

This GPS data is linked to sales order deliveries, and available in real-time in standard NAV sales order pages.
  • Boost customer service with accurate delivery time information.
  • Know where your fleet is and where they've been.
  • Email or text alerts for geo-fence movements, excessive speed events and more.
  • Use it in native NAV applications.
  • See the big picture with all your fleet displayed on a map portal.

Soon we'll be extending this module with transport planning optimisation (routes). Watch this space, and contact us for more information!

April 2016

RedCat/Polygon interface to LS Retail and Dynamics NAV

RedCat/Polygon is a hospitality package developed in Australia.

We've been doing some exciting work integrating RedCat & Polygon with LS Retail on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for our clients in the retail and hospitality sectors. RedCat told us it couldn't be done - how could we refuse a challenge like that!

We liberate real-time data from both the RedCat (Clarion) and Polygon (Thunderbird) databases and flow it directly into LS Retail/Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Microsoft SQL Server. You can now capture your RedCat front of house transactions in full detail, ready for posting straight into a state of the art Microsoft Dynamics NAV back end. The process is fully automated and scheduled to run as needed, and is a powerful tool for RedCat users looking to upgrade to LS Retail and Microsoft Dynamic NAV’s retail, hospitality, ERP and financials software and our business intelligence suites.

This is also a powerful tool for RedCat users looking to unlock the secrets of their data with state of the art business intelligence from data warehouse cubes – all in Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Fully automated process.
  • Deploy across your group. Multiple stores, restaurants, POS tills and companies.
  • Capture full RedCat & Polygon POS transactions, payments, change, management charges, expenses, account transactions and more.
  • Preserve your legacy RedCat/Polygon front of house operations while diving into LS NAV's feature-rich ERP software and business intelligence suites sooner.
  • Smooth the transition by deploying the LS Retail front of house software as a separate project.

Contact us for more information!

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