“We like doing really clever things (ingenious even) with ERP to transform businesses.
If you want to
Innovate, Disrupt your market, be different and drive real Synergy within your business.
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About Ingenious ERP

We see ourselves as one of New Zealand's pioneering software houses. Ingenious ERP adds real value through delivering solutions that transform businesses. We have gained significant success with custom applications for the; distribution, manufacturing, hospitality, project accounting and steel processing industries in Australia and New Zealand.

We are certified partners with both Microsoft and LS Retail, and specialise in Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV ERP business software. Together with products from other best of breed business partners and our expertise, we offer the world’s best solutions in corporate accounting, hospitality, retail and business intelligence.

Our Mission

We believe organisations are best served when they have software systems that deliver innovation, that disrupt and change things for the better and that deliver synergy across the business.

We believe that can only be delivered through access to the best software from the worlds leading vendors and having this software configured, implemented and supported by people with a proven ability to make it work to its utmost.

Its what we do well. We like doing clever things with our software, doing things that others don't know how to, or simply cant.

We like staying small and nimble and we often find we can deliver both better implementations as well as a lower overall cost than many others.
LS Retail
Ingenious ERP delivers innovative solutions that transform business outcomes. We use software from the world's leading software vendors based around Microsoft NAV (now called Business Central) to provide stable and reliable solutions that we configure to deliver real business value. Put simply we do clever - ingenious - things with ERP. Click on the button to get in touch.

Our Partners

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