“We like doing really clever things (ingenious even) with Microsoft ERP Software.
If you want to Innovate, Disrupt your market and drive real Synergy within your business.
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Client Stories & Testimonials

We are delighted to bring you some sample case-studies of clients we have helped in the recent past. If you are considering us as your ERP supplier, we want you to be assured of our commitment to both customer service and to technical delivery. Click on the client logos below.
We do encourage you to make contact. Either give our offices a call or send us an email using the contact form (see also the Contact Us button below). You can see some client case-studies below. Just click on the logos for more details.

Some Stories

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Ingenious ERP delivers innovative solutions that transform business outcomes using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Put simply we do clever - ingenious - things with ERP.
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Some Clients

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